Who Needs “The Netflix For Ebooks?” Examining Ebook Subscription Services

With so many ebook subscription options available, I have to ask: Do consumers really need the Netflix for ebooks?

The first e-ink reader, the Sony Librié, released in 2004 (Pilato 2004). While the technology lived on, Sony’s devices made little impact in the market. The ebook revolution waited a few more years until November 19th, 2007—the launch day of the Amazon Kindle.

DC Comics and BOOM! Studios: Can Indie and Corporate Publishers Coexist?

Aside from their chosen medium of comics and a mutual adoption of digital publishing, is it better to be an indie or incorporated comic publisher? Is it possible that a smaller company can carve a comfortable niche?

I grew up only reading DC and Marvel comics like many American kids. Mainstream heroes were all I knew and all I saw on the supermarket wire racks. The entire 1980s independent comic revolution was a story untold until my adulthood. Frankly, and despite having every damn toy, I had no idea the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sprang from a grungy graphic novel until I’d long since placed the action figures in the attic.

Image courtesy Allen Gathman

The Narrative, Mechanics and Message of Slavery in Videogames

Where do videogames mesh with pop culture’s renewed interest in stories about slavery?

Black slavery has been a taboo subject for much of America’s popular culture history. The miniseries Roots stands as an acclaimed cornerstone of how powerful (and educational) a slave narrative can be, but Hollywood has lagged behind television’s precedent.

Review: oXygen XML Editor – Powerful XML Authoring, Ditto for DITA

SyncRO Soft’s ‘oXygen’ is the clear choice for DITA-aware content creation.

You’re plodding around in Word when a colleague blurts it out: “DITA.” Your ears perk up, and you swivel your chair to join the conversation. You, an in-the-know technical writer, interject and ask a question with barely concealed excitement: “Are we finally making the switch to DITA for our enterprise content?”